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This is a decisive five-year period in the life of SASIL, which engages in productive and important investments in research projects in environment and energy. This is a challenge that will become real in the short-term in the implementation of a series of research and development projects that employ approximately 10% of Sasil's annual turnover for the next five years. On the one hand there is investment in the direction of energy-saving, with the development - together with a Swiss company - of a new high-efficiency dryer with a 30% saving in heat. At the same time a chemical treatment project is being completed for the separation of iron at an ionic level from strong acid solutions, in preparation for a quality leap in the leaching process (this process is going to be patented).

In addition the company is developing a new high compression microionisation technique (which is also patented), which will allow energy costs and wear and tear in milling to be halved in comparison to traditional systems. Finally, given the progressive and relentless shrinkage in the market in the hollow glass sector,
stimulated by the needs of a large multi-national glass group, Sasil is developing a new process for the treatment of the waste from the cullet, which would otherwise be dumped. Here one is dealing with new, patented technology, which in the next two years will eliminate the dumping of all cullet waste produced in Northern Italy (about 200.000 tons/annum), with an obvious environmental benefit for the whole community.

The improvement in quality of this production destined for the glass, ceramic and brick market forms part of the object of this conference and the next speakers will discuss this at length. We thus cannot say that Sasil's history has been problem-free: in fact during its history the company has achieved great success (one need only think of the introduction of our sand, the first in Italy, into the production of clear glass and also to the pride and satisfaction of supplying the Murano glassworks). Nonetheless the company has also had to face big problems (one need only think of the market disturbance caused by the introduction of PET and aluminium packaging, of the growth of cullet, foreign competition and the spiralling growth of energy costs).

Tracing the history of SASIL S.p.A. from birth, in 1975, we can compare it to a tree that is rooted in the communities of Curino and Masserano regarding sap basis, that is the raw material, while the growth has developed in the town of Brusnengo, where, as the years passed, there have been substantial inputs of local raw materials. The fruits that generated this growth are the base materials for the glass industry, ceramic and building industry in general. With these materials are manufactured industrial products and everyday objects from which we are surrounded. In the following drawing we see the evolution over time of the development of new materials products which have found practical applications in the objects of the photos.
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