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In the words of a famous English nobleman:
"We strive to leave this world in a slightly better condition than in the way we found it".

For those like Sasil who operate in the raw materials sector, that this is a concept that should always be borne in mind.

In fact, mining, because of its nature, involves the land in which the company operates in a significant way and it is not easy to marry the negative impact at the start and during the course of the operations with the final and future restoration.
We believe that one of Sasil's strong points was the development of the concept of the “induced natural polo” as a consequence and end result of a “temporary mining polo”.

Generally mining and processing treatment have a strong impact on the area, and this has always aimed to have an added value of important environmental aspects, which for the SASIL means:

  • Limited visual impact of mining;
  • Study of energy-efficient technologies;
  • Development of processes for reducing CO2 emissions;
  • Recovery and reuse of materials otherwise destined to landfill;
  • Use of alternative and clean energy;
  • Exploitation of abandoned mining sites.

Laghetto Gabella
area of 5 hectares with fixed structures, for sport fishing and various recreational activities, on loan to the Pro Loco of Curino;

Parco Arcobaleno
area of 20 hectares with permanent structures, intended for leisure, granted free use on weekends;

Parco Aurora
area of 10 hectares of ornithological and wildlife recovery testing with agro-forestry-pastoral activities;

Area Nolizza
area of 8 hectares for a restocking of butterflies and beetles with floral experimentation.

SASIL it takes particular account of the impact on the territory that creates the production process.
After some years, in a relatively short time, SASIL transforms of the natural landscape in the area of excavation, resulting in a very specific project to develop the area.
Infact, a peculiarity of SASIL is that, since 1985, the first environmental thematic restoration, the Company has developed 4 environmental thematic recoveries on vacant sites:

Cartina zone ripristinate

Restorations that go far beyond what is not required by the regulations in force, executed with great sensitivity towards the territory and with the help of specialists.
The mine, at the end of cultivation, is reintegrated into the surrounding environment without other alterations that are not of morphological character, giving the examples of community enjoyment of the otherwise abandoned.
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