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LIFE Project

Progetto simpLIFE is the financial instrument for the environment introduced by the European Union in 1992 and is a cornerstone of its environmental policy.
LIFE+ instead is the financial instrument for the environment for the period from 1 January 2007 since 31 December 2013.
The legal basis for the LIFE+ is the CE Regulation N° 614/2007 of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 May 2007, published in the Official Journal L149 of 9 June 2007.

LIFE+ aims to co-finance projects in the field of nature conservation (LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity) and in other environmental areas of interest in Europe (LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance). A third component of LIFE+ is specifically designed to co-finance the activities of information and communication for the Environment (LIFE+ Information and Communication).

In particular, within LIFE+ is possible to distinguish the following types of projects:

1. LIFE + Nature and Biodiversity
Aims to contribute to the implementation of policy and legislation on nature and biodiversity.
There are two distinct categories of projects:
  • LIFE + Nature projects on best practices and/or demonstration projects that contribute to the implementation of the objectives of the Birds and Habitats Directives (Council Directives 79/409/EEC and 92/43/EEC).
  • LIFE + Biodiversity projects for demonstration and/or innovations that contribute to the achievements of the Commission Communication COM (2006) 216 final "Halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010 - and beyond".

2. LIFE + Environment Policy and Governance
Aims to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of policy and legislation on environmental matters, including the integration of environmental concerns into other policies, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

3. LIFE + Information and Communication

Specifically aims to implement communication and awareness campaigns relating to the updating and development of European environmental policy and legislation as well as awareness campaigns on forest fire prevention and training of officers.

For information on all EU funded LIFE projects, please visit the LIFE project database on the website of DG Environment.


During 2005 SASIL, stimulated by the needs of a multinational hollow glass company that had to solve the problem of waste glass collection, began to study treatment to bring to use this type of waste. It presented the project “MEIGLASS” to the European “LIFE ENVIRONMENT” call, and was accepted.
Hence was born the so-called "trilogy of the glass", because after the glass from the collection SASIL has turned its attention to the treatment of industrial waste glass (NOVEDI Project) and, finally, in 2009 has also designed a technology for the inerting of incinerators wastei (VALIRE Project).

SASIL has submitted three proposals “Life Environment” in 3 years and were all accepted and co-financed!

The July 1st 2013 started the FRELP project (Full Recovery End of Life Photovoltaic) as regards full recovery of photovoltaic panels at the end of life. It's a LIFE+ ENVIRONMENT project presented in 2012 and approved by the EC in 2013.
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