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Research and development

The challenge today is expressed in the shaping and carrying out a series of research and development projects that commit the financial resources of SASIL for about 10% of annual turnover and for years to come.
SIMP Project

Magnetic Induction Dust Separator, is a magnetic separator designed to enhance innovative feldspathic raw powdery filtering through magnetic material fluidized with compressed air. In collaboration with the Spanish Company “ANIVI”.
MIAC Project

With this project, in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin, is developed a new technique for high-compression micronization (also patented) that can halve the energy costs and wear in grinding than conventional systems.
Valfiber Project

His goal was propaedeutic to the LIFE+ NOVEDI Project. Starting from fiber glass waste has been reached to produce five different types of glass, each with different particle size and chemical analysis, designed to fit into niche in the markets with high added value.

Given the progressive and inexorable decline in the market in the hollow glass, SASIL developed in the last five years, a new system for processing waste glass otherwise destined to landfill. These are new technologies which will clear the landfilling of whole waste glass produced in Northern Italy (about 200.000 ton/year), with a clear environmental benefit for the entire community.


The practical results of research and development have enabled the SASIL to enter the market as a supplier of process technologies. In recent years, the consistency of these supplies of technological equipment has reached a significant percentage of turnover, a clear sign that the medium-term investment in research is bearing fruit both directly, as applied to our production cycle, or indirectly, because the market for other companies. Continuous improvement also concerns not only technological innovation but also the internal and external relations through a better relationship with staff, trade unions, local authorities and, of course, the suppliers and customers. The conduct of mining is not usual in the Biella Area and this plays an important role in education, training and continuous updating of staff. For this is routinely required training courses. A technical committee at Group, manages the faculty, depending on the specific needs of each company and disseminate the experience in a production everyone else. It must be said that SASIL, for the projects in progress, initiated collaborations with universities and research centers Italian and foreign, and is a source of pride for us to have obtained the approval of three consecutive projects in European Foundation "LIFE +".

As regards the protection of workers' health and safety at work, SASIL, in close collaboration with professionals of Occupational Medicine, Industrial Hygiene, Ecology and competent consultants oversees implementation of legislation on the latest topics Safety and Occupational Hygiene. SASIL is certified ISO 9000 for quality since 1995 and is on the point of reaching the environmental certification.

The environmental restoration of abandoned areas are monitored continuously with the help of external consultants to ensure the success of recovery planning. SASIL is being planned a project to develop the territories in the municipalities of Brusnengo, Curino and Masserano, the three towns affected by mining. The main idea is to create a network of paths that allow people to know the local area, along a footpath broad so that, in peace and in contact with nature, enjoy a full culturally valid as there within the three municipalities.


Parallel to the history of SASIL, there has been an evolution in the industrial group which SASIL forms a part of, Mineral Resources (MR). Since 2000 the company has aimed MR abroad making factories in Bulgaria, Mexico, Brazil, Cekia, Guatemala and Colombia, using the technologies developed in SASIL.


Nowadays in the raw materials sector effort is measured on the basis of the capacity to give immediate answers to requests by large multi-national groups that compete for the market at an international level. Sasil has always constituted the "research and development laboratory" for the companies of its Group and this is a guarantee of ongoing improvement and of the capacity to adjust to markets that are in a state of continuous change. In particular, in the energy and waste recycling sector, Sasil in terms of the project to be illustrated, believes that the future can be seen in promising terms and that it will be able to contribute to the solving of more general problems.
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