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The triangle:
he line that brings one to the definition of the project and the development of the idea
The square:
the area that surrounds and gives concrete form to the idea, translating the project into a business reality
The sphere:
the volume representing the environment in which one operates, which must be the point of reference for any strategic production choice.


In the words of a famous English nobleman: “We strive to leave this world in a slightly better condition than in the way we found it”.

For those like Sasil, who operate in the raw materials sector, I believe that this is a concept that should always be borne in mind. In fact mining, because of its very nature, involves the land in which the company operates in a significant way and it is not easy to marry the negative impact at the start and during the course of the operations with the final and future restoration. We believe that one of Sasil's strong points was the development of the concept of the “induced natural polo” as a consequence and end result of a temporary mining polo.

Exploitation of raw materials is essential to the life of a man, but all the technology and intelligence applied in the exploitation of natural resources are void if you can not leave our children a welcoming environment in which to live. Precisely for this Sasil has among its objectives, including full recovery of areas affected by excavation, creating theme parks that are able to exploit the territory even though it has been exploited. ENVIRONMENTAL RECOVERY (Laghetto Gabella, Parco Arcobaleno, Parco Aurora, Area Nolizza).


One objective of SASIL is to ensure the fulfillment of internal and external customers, responding to explicit and implicit needs, providing high quality products accompanied by instructions to implement innovative solutions that will ensure proper development and proper use.

To achieve the quality objectives in pursuit of customer satisfaction, Mineral Resources SRL, a company that owns SASIL, apply as required by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by developing, implementing, verifying and improving its Quality System.

In particular were defined responsibilities and functional relationships between them, beyond the primary objectives of compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and standards applicable to agreements, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, involvement and professional growth of all staff, employee satisfaction and collaboration of stakeholders and suppliers.

The SASIL direction, in order to achieve the desired results more efficiently through the process approach, requires the business functions of:

  • Plan activities that have impacts of quality in perspective of continuous improvement;
  • Create and maintain an internal environment capable of spreading the corporate goals and to fully involve the staff for their achievement;
  • Ensure, through adequate qualification, selection, training, valorisation of the staff so that each will acquire the skills and motivation needed to perform the role played and awareness for the management of his business as if it were itself a process;
  • Analyze and understand customer needs to plan the design activities according to their expectations and ensuring that these expectations are met;
  • Pursue, through the planning of maintenance and inspection of production facilities, equipment and measuring equipment, maintenance and improvement of production efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Maintain and enhance the collaboration with critical suppliers;
  • Plan the marketing activities to provide to customers the product expected in the time and manner agreed with the information when requested, about the most appropriate use;
  • Provide an accurate, prompt and competent assistance response when needed by the customer;
  • Reject a lower quality than specified, preventing problems;
  • Making share and raise awareness of all staff, from the top to the bottom, for the company's vocation.

During the periodic reviews, the Management is committed to establish and agree together with departments concerned, the objectives for which defines the timing, indicators and resources involved.

The Management, periodically, evaluates and analyzes indicators and targets for each process considered critical and provides activities aimed at continuous improvement.

This Quality Policy is regularly reviewed to assess their continuing adequacy and must be communicated to employees, partners, suppliers and all stakeholders understand the importance of their involvement for the success of the Quality System.

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