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Raw materials

Silicon, aluminum, and then oxygen, potassium, sodium, iron, titanium, etc. .. the eye distinguishes various minerals from the combination of these elements, but it is necessary to use X-ray (diffraction and fluorescence) for the qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis that provides the technical specifications according to different uses. LaboratorioSASIL has its own technical laboratory equipped with apparatus for fluorescence RX, particle size sieve, furnace, vacuum, equipment for determining pH, COD, soluble salts, particle size laser, etc... The quality control is essential to ensure high standards of purity that are required by the glass, particularly the white glass.
The main products sold are divided into crystal minerals and glassy sands, for the following market segments:
  • glassware
  • ceramic
  • bricks
  • sanitary ware
  • frits and glazes
The glassy sands are obtained by treating glass from recycling and industrial waste from different sources:
  1. mosaic glass
  2. bulbs
  3. PC & TV monitor screen glass
  4. Artistic glass
  5. Fiber glass
  6. Cullet glass
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